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Make learning possible anytime, anywhere, on any device

Put workplace learning at your team’s fingertips. So your learner can access content when it suits them. No internet required.

Built for the way we work now

Training shouldn’t be out of sight, out of mind. Learners can easily jump into a lesson to refresh or reach out to their team for help with in-built social and peer learning features. So they can get the information they need in real time.

Social and peer learning

Reach all of your teams

Not everyone works at a desk. That’s why our mobile-first platform allows you to reach everyone on your team – whether they’re in the office, on the road, or off-site. No coordinating or scheduling required.

Reach your teams anytime, anywhere, on any device

Deliver the learning experience your teams deserve. Start creating free, mobile-first training today.

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Put information in your team’s pockets

Mobile-first learning that fits into the flow of your team’s work, not disrupt it. With courses built with every device in mind, it’s easy to put training in the hands of every team member and external contractor – no matter where they are.

Put information on your team's pockets

Access workplace learning on the go

All the information your team needs, when they need it most. With mobile-first learning, learners can access learning content when it suits them. So they can do their training anytime, anywhere.

Training on-the-go

... no internet necessary

Training that’s available even when your data isn’t. With offline mode, your teams can download their course while they’re connected to WiFi and complete it on the go. Then, it automatically syncs when your team member connects to WiFi again.

Offline more

Stop chasing your team to do their training

Automatically remind team members with fully customizable push notifications. Simply edit your notification message to match your organization’s look and feel. And watch course completions climb without touching another button.

Push notifications
EdApp and Unitar

Addressing a global problem

Join us on our mission to #EducateAll. We’ve partnered with the United Nations to give learners around the world on- and offline access to our course library. So anyone can learn – no matter the device, location, or internet connection.

EducateAll, EdApp and Unitar

Mobile-first works perfectly for Dunhill, with interactive lessons being delivered to our team members’ devices in real-time. This means our teams have the tools to perform their best and learn at their own pace and convenience.

Ben Nuttall, Global Marketing Manager at Dunhill

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device – all for free.

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