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1:1 Platform tour and managed preview

For small-to-medium businesses, book in with our expert team to create a tailored learning solution that works for you and your team. We work with you to get to know your training goals and desired outcomes, then show you how to achieve them.

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Platform tour and managed preview


An introduction to EdApp and a guided tour of our platform with one of our product specialists.


Organizations that are brand new to EdApp and would like to see what it’s all about.

Onboarding bootcamp

Book into one of our FREE Onboarding Bootcamps to learn how to create courses, manage users, engage your teams, and more. Sessions are run weekly by one of our client success team over Zoom. Perfect for all EdApp admins, from beginners to experts in course creation.

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45 Minutes

EdApp jumpstart

Designed to show you how all EdApp’s features work together. Get a better understanding of how EdApp can boost the value of your training program.

45 Minutes

Microlearning course creation

Learn how to create beautiful microlearning content your teams will love with EdApp’s course creation tool.

30 Minutes

Learner and content management

Learn how to create and manage your learners, and deploy content in the admin platform.

45 Minutes

Engagement tools and analytics

Configure engagement tools like leaderboards and prizing, and analyze your team’s performance.