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An Energy Case Study

Discover how mobile training gave Freedom Forever the ability to more than double their business in 2020



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1,950+ employees


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California, USA


Freedom Forever: Pioneering a greener future with solar energy

At SafetyCulture’s 2021 Made Extraordinary Summit, leading solar installer Freedom Forever shares how microlearning allows them to grow their business in months – all while strengthening product knowledge and relationships with external partners.

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How Freedom Forever improved safety by 300% for internal teams and external partners with EdApp

With branches and external partners scattered across 25+ states, Freedom Forever needed a mobile training solution to help them deliver vital, technical training to their remote team of solar installers, as well as external sales partners and authorized dealers.

Here’s how EdApp not only enabled Freedom Forever to roll out nearly 300 lessons to its 1,950+ remote solar installers and 2,800+ external partners in weeks – but also allowed them to double their internal teams and improve safety by 300 percent.

Freedom Forever Courseware on EdApp | Case Study
Freedom Forever

Our team is not going to remember everything – and we don't expect them to. It's more important that if they ever need to brush up on a safety procedure, that they're able to expose and re-expose themselves as needed in a very engaging way.

Edwin Dayrit Jr, Director of Internal Communications at Freedom Forever

1. Training your remote teams can do from their smartphone, anytime

Freedom Forever leverages EdApp to reach and connect its remote teams of nearly 800 solar installers and 2,800+ external sales partners and authorized dealers dispersed across 25+ states. As a mobile-first platform, it’s perfect for teams to access bite-sized training in real-time or whenever they have 5 minutes to spare.

2. Celebrate achievements and problem-solve in real-time with Discussions

As Freedom Forever’s team is largely remote, learners love staying connected through EdApp’s Discussions feature. Employees can share achievements or ask for help on tricky installations in text, images, or videos, and receive instant feedback from their peers. This allows their workforce to stay connected and keep morale high, despite most of their work happening in the field.

3. Fill knowledge gaps with scalable, real-time course creation

EdApp’s agile yet powerful course creation tool means that Freedom Forever can easily create highly technical courses for its remote and external teams in real-time. As training is delivered directly to their teams’ smartphones, Freedom Forever can also easily update courses based on their internal learner progress and engagement reports for a safer work environment. It also allows them to scale training quickly to accommodate their rapidly growing organization.

Freedom Forever

We have people in neighboring branches that encounter the same type of issues, and they're able to provide solutions. That's not an email. That's not a phone call. That's real time social learning and I think that's the most valuable part of EdApp.

Edwin Dayrit Jr, Director of Internal Communications at Freedom Forever

Now Freedom Forever can easily scale its technical training for internal teams and external partners

EdApp provides Freedom Forever with practical tools to deliver seamless mobile training for 1,950+ solar installers, and 2,800+ external sales partners and authorized dealers. For the first time in company history, Freedom Forever has full visibility over their training program, allowing them to identify and respond to knowledge gaps in their teams early on and enable their teams to access training whenever they need to. This allows Freedom Forever to easily scale their teams without compromising on their mission to provide a 5-star experience to customers.

Freedom Forever e-learning case study