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Learn about our joint initiative with UNITAR to increase access to free, high-quality, and impactful education around the world

Together with UNITAR (the United Nations Institute for Training and Research), we’ve created Educate All — a free, comprehensive library of world-class, fully editable content for individuals and small businesses looking to upskill themselves or further their education. With this initiative, we’re empowering and educating millions of learners around the world, particularly those furthest behind with limited access and opportunities for education.

Addressing a global problem

Adult education remains a global problem. In almost one-third of countries, fewer than 5% of adults aged 15 and above participate in education and learning programmes*. Educate All aims to change this.

With global smartphone ownership continuing to rapidly grow, we recognised an opportunity to apply our knowledge and expertise in mobile microlearning to help educate learners around the world.

Educate All further encourages the wider, global community to assist by lending their own knowledge and expertise to this initiative. This, in turn, actively drives the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of strengthening the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.

*UNESCO Global Report on Adult Education and Learning (GRALE), Dec 2019


EducateAll in the news

Darren Winterford, CEO and Founder of EdApp

Darren Winterford, EdApp CEO & Founder, introducing the EducateAll initiative

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Nikjil Seth, UN Assistant Secretary-General

Interview on Sky News with Nikhil Seth, UN Assistant Secretary-General, on the launch of EducateAll

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Enjoy our award-winning training platform for free

Looking for an effective training solution for your team? Educate All gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the features of EdApp for free, forever. In exchange, your published courseware will become automatically available to learners and teams around the world in our public course library. You will be fully credited for your courseware and be able to edit and update your public content as you please.


Pick a template or start from scratch, build your own training or we can help you create customized tranings for your team.


Use one of our integrations to share with your team, launch in an email or share the link.


See responses and completion rates, generate shareable reports and send data to your favourite tools for in-depth analysis.

Complete free courseware anytime, anywhere

Looking to better yourself? Educate All provides the opportunity for anyone with a smartphone to gain access to a rich variety of courseware through our global, free-to-use course library. Learn about the role of gender and gender equality - courseware sponsored by UNITAR, or learn the basics of first aidcyber securitypersonal productivity and more from expert individuals and leading organisations around the world.

Course library

Not looking to train a team, but want to contribute courseware?

We recognise that there is valuable knowledge to be shared by individuals and organisations from all corners of the world — from university professors and small business owners to non-profits and market-leading, global co-operations.

Educate All gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge with millions of learners on our award-winning, global platform.

This library is available to all users of the EdApp platform (including you!) and also contains world-class content from our partner UNITAR that we are sure you will find useful.

Contribute with training to EducateAll

Want to join us in our mission to increase global access to free, high-quality and impactful education and help empower millions of learners around the world?