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Check your team’s understanding with Rapid Refresh

Reinforce new concepts with our in-built quiz maker. So you can collect feedback, and identify knowledge gaps quickly.

Deliver quizzes to your teams in minutes

Fill in our spreadsheet

Fill in our easy-to-fill

Deliver the quiz to your team

Deliver your automatically-generated quiz to your team

Assess your team's performance

Assess your team’s
performance in analytics

Make every learning opportunity interactive

Stop your team from zoning out at your next training session, end-of-month meeting, or long product email. Make sure your team understands new concepts with Rapid Refresh quizzes. So they can’t just sit through important learning.

Check your team’s understanding and reinforce learning with the Rapid Refresh quiz maker.

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Reinforce takeaways

Reinforce key takeaways from team meetings

Check retention

Check that your team read a product update email

Get feedback

Get feedback on a team workshop

Set up your quiz in minutes

Setting up a quiz shouldn’t take up your whole afternoon. Simply add questions and answers to our easy-to-fill spreadsheet and choose how often your teams are quizzed. So you can see what they remember after any learning opportunity.

Upload our easy-to-fill spreadsheet with your questions

Automatically deliver your quiz to your team

Set your quiz frequency and let our algorithm do the rest. Quizzes are sent automatically to your team’s devices – whether it’s part of a weekly training session or once after a meeting. 

Automated delivery

Motivate your team to do their quiz with in-built gamification

Make quizzes feel more like a game – not a test. Quizzes are auto-generated with gamified templates so your team can tap, swipe, and drag their way through learning reinforcement. So they can snag the #1 spot on the leaderboard.

In-built gamification

Find and fix knowledge gaps quickly with analytics

Track your team’s understanding with a Rapid Refresh report. Automatically collect responses from your team after any learning opportunity and check what they understood. So you can provide the additional support they need.

Find knowledge gaps with EdApp's analytics suit

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device – all for free.

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